Local to Houston, MOX Roasters is small batch, specialty craft coffee at its highest level.

Our founders are young working professionals who met and bonded through Magic the Gathering, with a penchant for community, competition, and coffee. We noticed that when we gathered, we always did so over a coffee: it kept our minds sharp, agile, and creative. But in 2020, our once frequented coffee shops, gaming communities, and other meeting places were no longer available; and, like many, we became isolated and unable to share our hobbies and interests with each other. As more and more activities moved solely to Discord servers and Zoom meetings, we began to ponder how we could better connect with those around us— and from there, we grew, cultivating our shared desire for community into a passion for good, specialty coffee.

We are committed to bringing the taste of premium specialty coffee to your home, at an affordable price. From there, we’re focused on bridging communities and building relationships. After all, coffee is a conversation starter, a connector between social spheres, a source of energy and camaraderie: whatever your passion, we hope to offer a cup (bag, technically) of specialty coffee to brighten the way.